e hënë, 22 tetor 2007

I am really sorry!!!!!!

My Apologie
I am really really sorry fellow visitors and bloggers!
I have fell into rut & I think it is time I tell you the truth!
Before that I just want to again apolligize because I've just been throughing
toghether random things; aka not really caring
My Drama; aka why the lack of concern
My friend (no names) youse to be a straight A grade grubbing student that loved perfection in all ways. This year she has decided to take a different path a path of mini skirt madness (yes I am talking about her being a slut!).
She Has a older BF that goes to a different school and she has cheated on him 2 times! Bitchy much ik!
Anyways I am popular she is not its as simple as that!~~~
This year she decided to sit at my lunch table and steal all my bffl's (I wouldn't let her and they didn't fall for it)!!!!!!!
She wants to be a blonde yet she wants good grades still she just dosn't admitt to it!
SOOOOOOOOOO frustrating! I swear I am sick of it! please please help......
I meen just a couple days ago a guy put his hand down her underpants/knickers!
please help by leaving comments I am going on a 5-10 day break and I would love to come back to comments of loving helpful advice giving bloggers/friends :)
btw I have deleted all previous post because they were old or just not up to my standers aka I was ashamed of them!